How to update address in Aadhaar card online | Online Address Update Process

How to update address in Aadhaar card online | Online Address Update Process

by Anudeep


We all know the Adhar card is a unique identity for all Indians. The Adhar card is known for its unique identification for India. One must have the Adhar card along with the address details. At some point, we need to change some details like address, mobile number, and other primary details. If you read this article, you will learn how to change aadhar card details online by yourself. 

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Want to update the Adhar address online?

By reading this article, you can easily change the aadhar card address online by yourself. We are providing the easiest way for aadhar card address update online. From now, on you can update aadhar card address online. Read the stepwise procedure to update aadhar address online within a short time.

Step 1 

You have to log in to the official site by entering your aadhar number or virtual ID.

You can go to the official site by clicking this link:

After clicking on this link, click on the “proceed to update aadhar” button as shown in the picture. 

aadhar 1

Step 2

After that, enter the required details including a 12 digit adhar number or virtual ID. Later, you have to finish the captcha verification. 

adhar 2

Step : 3

Then click on the “Send OTP” button. 

Step 4

Enter the OTP number you have received on the registered mobile number.

Step 5

Later, you will get two options 

  1. Update aadhar address via address proof
  2. Update aadhar address via secret code

You can update your aadhar address using address proof. To update your aadhar address by using a secret code you need to have an Address Validation Letter. 

adhar 3

Step 6

By selecting the “Update aadhar address via address proof” option, your window page turns like as shown in the below picture. It shows the current residential address. Also, it asks for the details of a new address.

adhar 4

Step 7

You have to enter all those details, and then click on the “preview” button.

Step 8

Later, click on the “submit” button after verifying.

Step 9

Finally, you have to upload the scanned copy of your original address proof. 

That’s it. After submitting the request, you will get an Update Request Number (URN). With the help of that number, you can track your update status.

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