What is Mission Karmayogi? How does it help IAS Aspirants?

What is Mission Karmayogi? How does it help IAS Aspirants?

by Anudeep


Mission Karmayogi program launched by the union cabinet for Civil Services Capacity Building. Union Cabinet launched this program on 2nd September last year. The main intention of this program is to build a strong foundation for Indian civil servants and thus to aim for the enhancement of governance. This article will help the aspirants who are dreaming about qualifying IAS exam. 

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Facts of Mission Karmayogi:

  • Mission Karmayogi aims to enhance the level of architecture for civil services capacity at institutional or individual and process levels.
  • This mission can cover around 46 Lakh central govt employees around the period of 2020 to 2025.
  • To run this mission, a non-profit company SPV (Special purpose vehicle) has already been set up under the companies act 2013.
  • This company will manage all the programs through iGot Karmayogi which is an online training platform. 

What is iGot Karmayogi?

This is an integrated online training platform provided by the government under the ministry of human resources and development. Civil servants can take online courses based on their needs and their performances in the course will increase the span of service. Complete digital learning of World-Class content has uploaded in this platform and it is very easy for civil servants to learn and explore their knowledge.

Features of Mission Karmayogi:

This mission has started to bring a reform in the governance. For better human resources, the department Union Cabinet proposed this program. The important features of Mission Karmayogi are as follows.

  • On-site: The training will be provided to the civil servants through the digital platform.
  • Roles-Based: The main aim of this program is to give jobs to civil servants depends on their potentiality towards a job role.
  • Shared Training Infrastructure: Civil servants need to adjust to an ecosystem of shared learning materials and institutions.
  • Behavioral and Functional Competencies: Civil servants must need to develop their self manners and paths.
  • Partnership with Content Creators: All the universities, public institutions, experts can be part of this program. 

What are the 6 Pillars of Mission Karmayogi?

It has Six pillars and they are as follows

  1. Institutional Framework
  2. Policy Framework
  3. Competency Framework
  4. Digital Learning
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. E-Human Resource Management System

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